Biological Society - 2021/22

Biological Society – 2021/22

Office Bearers

President Ms. W.M.T.Madhushanika
Vice president Ms. B.Gowsiya
Secretary Ms. U.Tharshana
Assisstant secretary Ms. C.Keziah
Junior treasurer Ms. M.M.Mashroofa
Editor Ms. M.I.F.Rafeesa
Committee members Ms. Y.Shangavee
Ms. P.Kijahny
Ms. Pabasri
Mr. Sajetha
Ms. Nadeesha Prasanjali
Patron Prof. E.C.Jeyaseelan
Senior treasurer Dr. (Mrs) Tharmila C.Jeyaseelan

Biological Society - 2020/21

Biological Society – 2020/21

Office Bearers

President Mr. T.Kathurjan
Vice president Ms. Thiruvili
Secretary Ms. A.A.S.Vilochana
Assisstant secretary Ms. F.Shouketh
Junior treasurer Ms. A.A.Anjel
Committee members Ms. Kolamugi
Ms. Tarshana
Mr. N.vithushan
Ms. Vithursha
Mr. Isuru Prabhath
Patron Dr. E.C.Jeyaseelan
Senior treasurer Dr. (Ms) Nahmagal Krishnapillai

Biological Society - 2019/20

Biological Society – 2019/20

Office Bearers

President E. Donaldson
Vice president H. Usama
Secretary M.A.F Azna
Assisstant secretary S. Brathusha
Junior treasurer S. Chamal
Editor K. Amadhahara
Committee members G. Gopy
F. Zahra
v. Vinujan
S. Hamshalini
T. Raghavan
Thilini Ridmika
Patron Prof. R. Kapilan
Senior treasurer Dr. R. Gowri

Biological Society - 2018/19

Biological Society – 2018/19

Office Bearers

President S.Thilakshan
Vice president M.R.F.Rafadha
Secretory S.Nivetha
Assistant Secretory K.Deluxeani
Junior treasurer S.Shayanthavi
Editor G.Praveena
Committee Members S.Sivatharshan
Patron Prof.S.Sevvel
Senior Treasurer Dr.E.C.Jayaseelan

Activity 01

The Green Talk was organized on 23rd of July 2019 from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm at 1B lecture hall. The resource person Mr.K.Jeyavanan, Coordinator Forestry Association, Faculty of Agriculture University of Jaffna delivered the talk on “Role of forestry on climate change and environmental conservation”.

Activity 02

BIOSOC arranged Green Talk on the topic of “laboratory services rendered by Palmyra Research institute and opportunity of research at PRI for undergraduates”. The talk was organized on 20th of August 2019 from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm at 1B lecture hall. The resource persons Dr.B.Anuluxy (Research offer, PRI) and Mrs. M. Subjini (Research offer, PRI) delivered the talk.

Activity 03

A quiz competition was organised among all level 1G bioscience students of University of Jaffna to enhance their participation in extracurricular activities and to provide the platform to showcase their talents. The quiz competition was conducted on 25th of October 2019 from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM at 1B lecture Hall. 42 students actively participated in the quiz competition.

Activity 04

Science exhibition for school students was organised by the faculty of science, University of Jaffna between 4th of March 2020 and 7th of March 2020 under the theme of “Science Education For Bright Future ”. During the exhibition BIOSOC organised quiz competitions and career guidance for the school students. Altogether 50 students from 15 schools participated.