2022Antifungal activity of some natural plant extracts against causal agent of anthracnose disease of chilliMiss.Jeyavintha JeyaratnasingamDr.A.Vengadaramana
2022Study on leaf spot and leaf tip necrosis affecting Aloe vera cultivation in Jaffna, Sri LankaMr.Thangarajah Kathurjan Dr.E.C.Jeyaseelan
2022Analysis of coat protein gene diversity of begomo viruses in Sri Lanka and delection of begomo viruses using Dot-blot hybridizationMiss.Hamshalini Sritharan Dr.Mrs.T.C.Jeyaseelan
2022Fermentation studies on SauerkrautMiss.D.M.S.P.Dissanayake Mrs.N.Ravimannan
2022Effect of lactobacilli consortia and prebiotics on lactic acid productionMiss.M.T.N.V.Fernando Prof.A.C.Thavaranjit
2022Comparative analysis of phytochemical, in vitro antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of different parts of Syzygium cumini Lam.(Myrtaceae)Miss.Kolamugi Vethanayahan Dr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2022Comparative analysis of phytochemical, antioxidant and in vitro antimicrobial activities of different parts of Ocimum sanctum Linn. plant (Lamiaceae)Miss.A.A.S.Vilochana Dr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2022Vegetable waste as alternative culture media for the growth of selected fungiMiss.Ann Angel Atputharajah (submitted on 17.10.2023)Mrs.N.Ravimannan
2022Effect of insecticide and herbicide application on freshwater algaeMr.A.M.Imantha Dilshan Bandara Prof.P.Sevvel (Supervisor) Prof.A.C.Thavaranjit (Co-Supervisor)
2022Effect of fertilizer application on freshwater algaeMr.J.M.Dinindu Sachintha (submitted on 18.10.2023)Prof.P.Sevvel (Supervisor) Prof.A.C.Thavaranjit (Co-Supervisor)
2022Bioethanol production from parthenium hysterophorus using Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMiss.Abarna Gnanasegaram (submitted on 23.10.2023)Prof.R.Kapilan
2022Identification of cellulase-producing fungi and kinetic studies of the crude cellulaseMr.Sivajokarasa Vinujan Prof.R.Kapilan
2021Characterization of lactic acid bacteria from some traditional fermened foods and their lactic acid productionMiss.K.S.U.N.GunarathneProf.A.C.Thavaranjit
2021Study on algal population of “Peraru” water reservoir and it’s feeding village tanks in VavuniyaMr.G.W.N.C.SenanayekaProf.P.Sevvel (supervisor)
Prof.A.C.Thavaranjit (co-supervisor)
Mrs.P.Sivakumar (co-supervisor)
2021Study on algal population in some selected ponds of the Jaffna Municipal Council areaMr.M.G.I.M.BandaraProf.P.Sevvel (supervisor)
Prof.A.C.Thavaranjit (co-supervisor)
2021Impacts of Downy Mildew pathogen on table grape production and screening for affordable and accessible disease control Strategies in Urumpirai, Jaffna, Sri LankaMr.Anoban KarunanathanDr.E.C.Jeyaseelan
2021Bioactivity of Aqueous and ethanol; extracts of plants traditionally used for Oral careMiss.Sijani S.WeerasekaraDr.Mrs.T.C.Jeyaseelan
2021Chemical and microbial quality of selected meat types available in retail markets in Jaffna town as an approach for assessing health safetyMiss.Chalana S.SabaragamuwaDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2021Biodiesel production form selected Sri Lankan marine flora and optimizing of conditionsMr.Unais Usama HusainProf.R.Kapilan (Supervisor) Prof.R.Srikaran (Co-supervisor)
2021Sensory and nutritional evaluation of herbal biscuit incorporatial with Garlic (Allium satiuum) and Passion (passiflora edulis)Mr.G.M.T.D.WickramasooriyaProf.R.Kapilan
2021Elucidation of inhibitory effect of selected plants bark extracts on oral microbesMr.R.G.Madhuranga Dr.Mrs.T.C.Jeyaseelan
2021Comparative analysis of Physico-chemical, Physicochemical, invitro antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of different parts of Psidium guajava LinnMiss.U.S.A.Jayathilaka Dr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2021Comparative analysis of Physico-chemical, Physicochemical, invitro antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of different parts of Artocarpus hetrophyllus lam.Miss.S.M.Dilmi N.SerasingheDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2021Determination of sources of Begomoviral inoculum in Tomato fieldMiss.W.M.H.U.SajanaDr.Mrs.T.C.Jeyaseelan
2021Polyphenol and antioxidant properties of some selected vegetables under fresh, traditionally cooked and frozen conditionsMiss.Thulashika UruthireswaranDr.A.Vengadaramana
2021Screening marine algae for bio pesticides against plant pathogensMiss.Brathuha SelvanayakamDr.E.C.Jeyaseelan
2021Bioethanol production form banana waste using Saccharomyces cerevisialMiss. Inojah SivananthanProf.R.Kapilan
2021Polyphenol and antioxidant properties of some selected cereals under fresh and different cooking methodsMiss.M.R.Zeeniya JafeenDr.A.Vengadaramana
2020Microbial quality of dried fish available in Puttalam town marketMiss.N.F.NashathProf.A.C.Thavaranjit (Supervisor)
Dr.R.Srikanan (Co-supervisor)
2020Study on begomoviral diseases associated with chilli in Anuradhapura districtMr.S.C.Sajith SenarathnaDr.E.C.Jeyaseelan
2020Study on brinjal little leaf diseases causing agent in Sri LankaMs.D.S.S.ArachchiDr.Mrs.T.C.Jeyaseelan
2020Screening of Bacillus species isolated from natural preparations for the bio control of plant pathogensMr.E.Donaldson Dr.E.C.Jeyaseelan(supervisor)
2020Comparison study of soil properties under various Sovereignties of different cropsMiss.K.M.Sasiri Suduni MadhubhashiDr.A.Vengadaramana (supervisor)
2020Optimization of same fermentalier conditions for bio-ethanol production from poulitory and cattle feed by yeast fermentationMiss.Shashakya AmadaharaDr.A.Vengadaramana (supervisor)
2020Comparative analysis of physic-chemical, phytochemical and in vitro antimicrobial activities of leaves of elected medicinal plantsused in control of diabelis mellitusMiss.P.A.H.Ragana PanambaraDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2020Comparison of antimicrobial activities of zingiber sp. against bacteria and fungiMiss.B.H.M.Hansika LakshaniMrs.N.Ravimannan
2020Microbial quality of dried fish available in Puttlam town marketMiss.N.F.NashathProf.A.C.Thavaranjit (Supervisor)
Dr.R.Srikanan (Co-supervisor)
2020Comparative analysis of physic-chemical, phytochemical and in vitro antimicrobial activities of seeds of selected medicinal plants used in control of diabetic mellitusMiss.Mihiri R.JeyasingheDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2020Bioethanol production form coconut waste using Saccharomyces cerevisialMiss.Dinithi A.IlangarathnaProf.R.Kapilan
2020Study on bacterial and fungi diseases of ginger in dry and wet zones of Sri LankaMiss.Sithara M.RathnayakeMrs.N.Ravimannan
2020A preliminary study on the growth of microalgae in different water sourcesMiss.L.A.A.D.NisansaleProf.A.C.Thavaranjit
2020Biodegradation of selected agro waste using on oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatiusMiss.M.A.F.AznaProf.R.Kapilan
2019Single cell protein from underutilized Turbinaria sp.using natural palmyrah toddy yeastMiss.S.ShayanthaviProf.R.Kapilan
2019Comparative phytochemical analysis of pulps of palmyrah palms grown in different geological locationsMiss.G.PiraveenaProf.R.Kapilan
2019Isolation and identification of phyllosphere bacteria and optimization of auxin productionMiss.P.Sukanja Mrs.N.Ravimannan
2019Microbiological parameters of different wastewaters and as a medium to cultivate Chlorella sp. and Spirogyra sp.Miss.D.LancyMr.A.C.Thavaranjit
2019Biology and biocontrol of the fungal pathogen Sclerotium rolfsii causing collar rot disease in brinjalMiss.R.AnojanaMiss.K.Niranjan
2019Alpha-amylase production on submerged fermentation by baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cereivisiae)Miss.M.R.F.RafadhaDr.A.Vengadaramana
2019Study on present status of table beet cultivation in Jaffna peninsula and identification of fungal pathogen associated with leaf spot disease Miss.S.NivethaDr.E.C.Jeyaseelan
2019Studies on identification of algae detection and removal of algal toxin in the “Peraru” water reservoir in VavuniyaMiss.P.KavashanaProf.P.Sevvel (supervisor) Mr.A.C.Thavaranjit (co-supervisor)
2018Role of salicylic acid in the growth and induction of plant defense enzymes in Brinjal (Solanum melongena) qnd OKRA (Abelmoschus esculentus) plantsMiss.T.GowthamyDr.A.Vengadaramana
2018Genomic variation of Colletotrichum musae isolates causing anthrocnose disease of banana fruits in Jaffna district, Sri LankaMiss.A.Fathima sabriyaDr.A.Vengadaramana
2018Research project report on OKRA leaf curl disease in Jaffna peninsulaMiss.M.SharmyaDr.E.C.Jeyaseelan
2018Biodiesel production from selected Sri lamkan marine flora and optimization of conditionsMiss.N.MercyProf.R.Kapilan
2018Quality analysis of drinking water from the collector wells I Vallipuram coastal areaMr.S.ThilakshanProf.R.Kapilan
2018Proximate nutritional analysis of Banana varieties, Mango varieties, Leafy vegetables and tubers available in JaffnaMr.R.P.L.JayawardhanaDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2018A Research project report on nutritional and antimicrobial screening of Moringaoleifera leaves in Jaffna peninsulaMiss.W.M.Sachini Ineesha Madubashini Mrs.K.Niranjan
2018A Research project report on fermentation studies on SauerkrautMiss.H.G.Dulani Harshani KularathneMrs.N.Ravimannan
2018Research project report on occurrence of Lactobacilli in the traditional preparation of curdMiss.U.SaraniMr.A.C.Thavaranjit
2018Research project report on Identification and management of pathogen causing fruit rot disease in Cucurbita moschata in Trincomalee district Miss.K.DeluxeaniProf.P.Sevvel
2018A study of morphological variation and fruits quality of different varieties of banana in Jaffna Miss.S.AbithanchaniDr.Miss.N.Krishnapillai
2018A Research project report on Characterization of Enterobacter aerogens from different sources Miss,A.A,KamaliniDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2017Bioethanol production from banana fruit juice (Musa sapientum) using Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMiss.V.RushaniProf.R.Kapilan
2017Identification of pathogen causing leaf spot disease in Centella asiatica in Jaffna peninsula and control of the pathogen using natural extractsMiss.A.KeshigaDr.E.C.Jeyaseelan
2017Extraction of DNA from mushroom and diverse plant groups using modified CTAB protocols and isolation of bacterial plasmid using miniprep methodMr.M.S.F.SameeraDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2017Isolation, Morphological, Identification, Pathogenicity and control measures of Colletotrichum isolates associated with papaya anthrocnose disease in Jaffna district, Sri LankaMiss.S.LaxmijaDr.A.Vengadaramana
2017Screening of endophytic fungi from selected mangroves for antibacterial activityMiss.E.M.S.Sepali EkanayakeMrs.N.Ravimannan
2016Defense enzymes production in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)and Chilli (Capsicum annum L.) plants as response to exogenous chemical elicitors Miss.Y.S.M.Asanka Indunil KumariDr.A.Vengadaramana
2016Optimization of DNA extraction from herbarium specimens and various plant partsMiss.K.MathankiDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2016Purification and characterization of cellulose from Aspergillus sp. isolated from coconut woodMiss.S.MohanappriyaProf.R.Kapilan
2016Effect of bacterial and fungal consortia on seed germinationMiss.T.TharminiMr.A.C.Thavaranjit
2016A survey on Cassava cultivation in Jaffna peninsula and molecular identification of pathogen causing cassava mosaic diseaseMiss.A.InthujaDr.E.C.Jeyaseelan
2016Morphological, pathogenicity variations and influence of culture media on the growth of Colletotrichum musae associated with banana anthrocnose disease in Jaffna district, Sri LankaMiss.H.K.Rasangi PriyadarshanieDr.A.Vengadaramana
2015Quantitative survey of Parthenium hysterophorus in Jaffna peninsulaMr.S.KirshanthanMrs.J.Nandakumar
2015Physico-chemical analysis of drinking water to the collector wells in Vallipuram coastal area of the Jaffna peninsula, Sri LankaMrs.S.AberamyDr.R.Kapilan
2015Comparision of different washing methods for bacteriological quality of freshly eaten leafy vegetable Centella asiaticaMr.T.ShahirajhMr.A.C.Thavaranjit
2015Challenges in cultivation of Erythrina sp. (coral tree) in Jaffna districtMiss.S.ThananthikaMiss.N.Krishnapillai
2015Study of morphological variations and Ethanobotany on selected medicinal plants in JaffnaMiss.N.ThasajiniMiss.N.Krishnapillai
2015Proximate nutritional analysis of small onion varieties, Bombay onion and garlic available in Jaffna Mr.D.M.D.K.DissanayakaDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2015Biological control of soil borne plant pathogen Rhizoctonia sp. by selected bioagents and botanical extractsMr.N.BiranavanMrs.K.Niranjan
2015A research project report on isolation and identification of yeasts from food materials and beveragesMiss.B.UrmilaMrs.N.Ravimannan
2015Biological control of major devastating soil born plant pathogen Pythium sp.,by using botanicals and selected microbesMiss.P.A.M.Thiusanka Harshani PereraMrs.K.Niranjan
2015Extraction of gymnemic acid from the plant Gymnema sylvestre and determination of effects of the compound on glucoseMiss.D.K.Nilmini MalkanthiDr.P.Sevvel
2015Evaluation of the antioxidant activity in fresh and processed vegetables and fruits, in the wet zone and dry zoneMiss.M.G.Asiri Nisansala KarunasiriMrs.N.Ravimannan
2015Determination of the quality of rain water as an alternative source for drinkingMiss.S.R.Madhusha
2014Comparative analysis of general nutrient composition of selected cerealsMiss.S.BhaminyDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2013Research report on effects of Solar radiation on bacterial indicators in drinking well waterMiss.V.ThamiraMr.A.C.Thavaranjit
2012A research report on alternative culture media for the growth of bacteria and fungiMiss.U.MekalaDr.P.Sevvel (supervisor) Mrs.N.Ravimannan (co-supervisor)
2011A research project report on growth promoting, oil degradating and antimicrobial activity of Serratia marcescensMiss.K.PiratheepaMr.A.C.Thavaranjit (supervisor) Mrs.J.Nandakumar (co-supervisor)
2011A research project report on comparative analysis of general nutritional composition of selected rice varieties grown in northern province of Sri Lanka Miss.Y.AjeithaDr.Mrs.G.Rajkumar
2010A research project report on alternative culture media for the growth of bacteria and fungiMiss.Revathi ArulananthamDr.P.Sevvel
2010Effect of fungal Rhizobacterial biofilms on crop improvementMiss.Auvai PararajasekaramMrs.K.Niranjan
2010A research project report on study on microbial succession in Idli and Dosa fermentationMiss.S.NavaneethaMrs.N.Ravimannan
2008A research project report on micropropagation of Musa sp. (Maruthuva valai-“T”)Miss.Kavitha RajeswaranMrs.J.Nandakumar
2007Research project report on effects of herbal shampoos on the growth of bacteria in hairMiss.Tharmila SivananthanMrs.K.Niranjan (Supervisor) Mr.A.C.Thevaranjit (Co-supervisor)
2007A research project report on in vitro screening for antibacterial effect and qualitative phytochemical analysis of different solvent extracts of flower, fruit and leaf of Lawsonia inermisMiss.Jenothiny SanthanagopalDr.K.Pathmanathan (Supervisor) Dr.K.Prince Jeyadevan (Co-supervisor)
2006A research project report on standardization of 2,4-D and 6-BAP in the induction of callus from Gymnema sylvestreMiss.Anushi RatnarajahMrs.J.Nandakumar
2005Research project report on antibacterial properties of different solvent extracts of Allium sativum and Vitex negundo against some selected plant and human pathogenic bacteriaMr.E.C.JeyaseelanDr.M.K.Pathmanathan
2005A research project report on spoilage of some cooked rice varieties consumed in Jaffna peninsulaMiss.M.ThangarajahMrs.N.Ravimannan
2005A research project report on antifungal properties of different parts of Lawsonia inermis on selected plant pathogenic fungiMiss.Vinuja PhamotharanDr.M.K.Pathmanathan (Supervisor) Dr.J.P.Jeyadevan (Co-supervisor)
2004A research project report on testing the antimicrobial activity of Curcuma longa and propagation studies of Curcuma longaMiss.N.LohiniMrs.N.Ravimannan
2004Assess the quality of Karthacolomban and Willard mangoes in the Jaffna Miss.M.TharshiniMiss.N.Krishnapillai
2004Isolation and identification of fungal pathogens which cause post harvest wastage in some common friuits in Jaffna namely banana, Mango, Grapes, Papaw and lime.Miss.P.ShayanthiniMrs.I.Sivananthan
2004Allelopathic effect Ageratum conyzoides on some selected cropsMiss.J.SubajiniMrs.S.Shanmugathasan
2004A research project report on bacterial population of some major soils in JaffnaMiss.J.ChrishanthiniMr.A.C.Thavaranjit
2004Study on post harvest treatment of Willard mangoesMiss.A.SivanthiniMiss.N.Krishnapillai
2004Growth enhancement and biocontrol activity of some selected fungi and bacteria Pseudomonas sp.Miss.T.SuneethaMrs.K.Niranjan
2004Exsitu conservation of medicinal plants in Valikamam area of the Jaffna peninsula, Sri LankaMr.K.UthayarajaMrs.J.Nandakumar
2003A research project report on studies on weed control methods and allelopathic effects of on some selected crops Miss.P.GowriMrs.J.Nandakumar
2002Studies on invitro approach grafting using seedlings of Citrus sinensis and Citrus aurantifolia with Citrus aurantium as root stockMiss.P.Hail.BrightlyMrs.J.Nandakumar
2002Allelopathic effects of Parthenium hysterophorus on the seed germination and seedling growth of green gram, black gram and cowpeaMiss.S.ManchulaMrs.J.Nandakumar
2002Testing the antimicrobial activity of some selected plants Miss.L.SasiregaMrs.K.Niranjan
2002Rhizobacteria in long bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)Miss.K.Thushiyanthy Mr.A.C.Thavaranjit
2002Allelopathic influence of Digitaria sanguinalis on germination and seedling growth of some selected cropsMiss.S.SuganthiniMrs.N.Ravimannan
2002A research project report on preliminary studies of the algal flora of ponds at Vaddukoddai areaMr.R.ThaveswaranMrs.I.Sivananthan
2002Effect of specific gravity on maturity and ripening of Ampalavi mango Mr.S.SivagaranMiss.N.Krishnapillai
2002Effect of hot water treatment on ripening behavior of Ampalavi mangoMr.A.VengadaramanaMiss.N.Krishnapillai
2001Characterisation of Rhizobacteria associated with Asteracantha longifoliaMiss.G.ThiyagarajahMr.A.C.Thavaranjit
2001Recent techniques in preservation of fungal culturesMiss.Mangaiyatkarasi paramanathanMrs.N.Ravimannan
2001Study of the microbial quality of selected dried fish and the occurrence of salt tolerant bacteriaMiss.Tharshini ThevarajahMr.A.C.Thavarsnjit
2001Qualitative survey of medicinal plants in the Faculty of Science, University of JaffnaMr.S.PrabagarMrs.J.Nandakumar
Studies on morphology and antimicrobial activity of four selected plants among them
2001Isolation and identifimcation of some food spoilage causing microorganism and evaluation of antimicrobial activity of selected species against themMiss.G.PerayiramMrs.K.Niranjan
2001Studies on maturity indices of Ampalavi mangoMr.R.KapilanMiss.N.Krishnapillai
1992Use of Glazed clay pots and leaves of Anacardium sp and Lantane sp. to arrest toddy fermentationMiss.C.SeevaratnamMrs.A.P.Arudchandran
1992A study of microflora on palmyrah root rhizosphereMiss.J.SabaratnamMrs.A.P.Arudchandran
1992Occurence of Bacillus cereus in milkMiss.Y.ManithirunavukkarasuMrs.A.P.Arudchandran
1992Identification of blue green algae (cyanobacteria) in the paddy fields of Jaffna peninsulaMiss.C.NavaratnamMrs.A.P.Arudchandran
1991Screening for the Efficient Anticeptic Agent.Miss.K.KandiahProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1991Root and Shoot pruning studies in Palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer L.) seedlings.Miss.N.KrishnapillaiProf.S.Kandiah
1991Effect of water stress on the early growth of palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer L.)Miss.L.KathirithambyProf.S.Kandiah
1991The effect of soil solarization on the control of soil borne pathogensMiss.G.KathiraveluDr.V.Sivakadadcham
1991Investigation on techniques for conserving water and nutritions in vegetable growing to meet a family needsMr.S.KanaganayagamProf.S.Kandiah
1991The effect of root stocks varieties on the growth of Karuthakolumban Scion.Miss.V.BalasubramaniumProf.S.Kandiah
1991A preliminary study on the antibacterial activity of common medicinal plants in the Jaffna peninsulaMr.K.PathmanathanProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1991Study of the propagation of mango by “Stooling technique”Miss.P.TheivathavapalanProf.S.Kandiah
1990Bioconversion of sucrose to ethanol of palmyrah and Coconut palm sap; by Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Miss.N.ThruairajahProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1990The study of this interaction between Rhizobium species and soil fungi. (2 copies)Miss.I.NalliahMrs.N.Savarimuthu
1990Ecological studies on some common weeds and some crops.Miss.K.KulanathanDr.A.M.T.Savarimuthu
1990Physiological studies on infection by Bean mosaic virus. (BMV)Mr.A.C.ThavaranjitMr.R.V.S.Suntharesan
1990Effects of plant species, leaf age and cultural operation on leaf water potential.Miss.K.AntonisrajProf.S.Kandiah
1990Development of nutrient film technique for horticultural crops.Miss.A.VijayakumarProf.S.Kandiah
1990A critical evaluation of mist propagation system for hard wood stem cuttings in Jaffna climate.Miss.S.SatchithananthamProf.S.Kandiah
1990Survey of salinity tolerance of seedlings of different varieties of mangoes in Jaffna.Miss.G.SivaguruProf.S.Kandiah
1988Water microbiology of the Jaffna town and hospital water supply.Miss.S.P.SpencerProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1988Pattern of root nodulation of Tephrosia purpurea.Miss.K.SathasivamProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1988Preliminary studies on leaf demography and leaf nitrogen relations of some fruit trees (2 copies)Miss.V.AmpalavanarDr.A.M.T.Savarimuthu
1988Preliminary studies on germination and growth of some crops and weedsMiss.V.PhilipupillaiDr.A.M.T.Savarimuthu
1988Studies on dry rot on potato (Solanum tuberosum). (2 copies)Miss.K.BalasubramaniamMr.R.V.S.Sunharesan
1988Isolation and characterization of bacterial strains in palmyrah (Borassus flabelifer) Miss.N.ThiyagarayahProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1988Studies on the foliar disease of yard long bean (Vigna sesauipedalis). (2 copies)Mr.M.KuruparanMrs.N.Savarimuthu
1988Studies of Anthracnose disease caused by Colletotrichum capsici in chilli plants.Miss.T.ThamotharampillaiMr.R.V.S.Suntharesan
1987Shoot apex culture of Mango (2 copies )Miss.U.RaamachandranDr.S.Kandiah
1987Studies on the ‘Invitro’ propagation of the shoot apical meristem of JakMiss.J.VignarajahDr.S.Kandiah
1987Nursary techniques for mango and jak seedlings Miss.S.PonnampalamDr.S.Kandiah
1987Physiology of flowering in mango, Citrus, and Jak.Miss.K.ArumugaperumalDr.S.Kandiah
1987Effect of Physico Chemical conditions on viral infection in Cucurbita sp. (2 copies)Miss.S.VisvalingamMr.R.V.S.Suntharesan
1987Embryology of Palmyrah palm (Borassus flabellifer L.) (2 copies)Miss.N.SelvarathnamDr.S.Kandiah
1987The effect of antibiotics on infection of papaw mosaic virus in Cucurbita sp. Mr.V.ThiviyanathanMr.R.V.S.Sunthresan
1986Studies on the propagation of Palmyrah(Borassus flabellifer.L.) seeds.(2 copies)Mr.V.S.GunaseelanDr.S.Kandiah
1986Host range studies of Papaw Mosaic Virus among common weeds in the Jaffna district S.T.I.SinghamMr.R.V.S.Suntharesan
1986Studies on the vegetative propagation of mango by shoot cuttingsMiss.S.NagaratnamDr.S.Kandiah
1986Studies on the propagation of Palmyrah(Borassus flabellifer.L.) seeds.(2 copies)P.KarunakaranDr.S.Kandiah
1986Isolation and characterization of Rhizobial strains from different legumesMiss.A.YoganathanProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1986The studies on total protein content of Cucubital sp. infected with papaw mosaic virusMr.R.ArudchandranMr.R.V.S.Suntharesan
1985Canker disease on CitrusMiss.S.NallaihDr.A.Sivabalan
1985The effect of green leaf manure on garden soilMiss.A.J.ChellaiahProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1985Microbiology of prawn (Penaeus semisuleatus) during storageMiss.T.SeevaratnamProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1985A survey of bacterial purity of drinking water at the university of Jaffna(2 copies)Miss.R.Mangaleswary&Miss.C.D.JeevarajDr.T.Vinayagamoorthy
1984The effect of papaw mosaic virus on the chlorophyll content of Cucurbita when infectedMiss.E.S.ThambyrajahMr.R.V.S.Suntharesan
1984A study of some marine angiosperms N.ElankoProf.K.Theivendrarajah
1984Studies on fungal flora under chilly cultivation.Miss.S.KanagalingamDr.A.Sivapalan
1983Studies on the extraction of agar from Gracileria cressa (HARV).1.Ag.Miss.R.RatnasabapathyDr.A.Sivapalan
1983Shoot growth features of seedling of five popular mango varieties from JaffnaMiss.K.AnnalingamDr.S.Kandiah
1983A survey of bacterial purity of drinking water at the University of Jaffna.Miss.R.MangaleswaryDr.T.Theivendrarajah
1982Effects of gibberellin and cytokinin on germination and growth of onion.(2 copies)Miss.A.KanapathipillaiDr.S.Kandiah
1981Preliminary studies on nitrification in the soil of Thirunelvely areaA.M.D.SaverimuttuDr.S.Kandiah
1981Some aspects developmental changes during growth of Allium cepa. L.S.ThiagalingamDr.S.Kandiah and Prof.K.Theivendrarajah
1981Some aspects of storage and dormancy period of the onion budsS.ThiagalingamDr.S.Kandiah and Prof.K.Theivendrarajah
1981Diagrams illustrating various developmental stages during growth Allium cepa. L.S.ThiagalingamDr.S.Kandiah and Prof.K.Theivendrarajah