Journal Papers

Year 2012

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Year 2011

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Year 2010

  • Rajkumar, G.,  Weerasena OVDSJ , Fernando KKS ,”Liyanage ASU  AFLP Analysis of Genetic Relationships and Diversity of SriLankan Oryza sativa cultivars (Improved Varieties)”. Journal of Biotechnology.  Doi:10.1016/j.jbiotech. 2010.09.886,2010.
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Year 2009

  • Kapilan, R. and  Thavaranjit, A.C. “Antimicrobioal activty of Trichoderma polysporum “, journal of science, Estern university of Sri lanka, Vol-6 No.1, p 78-87. ISSN 1391-586X, 2009.

Year 2008

  •  Kapilan, R. and Thavaranjit,  A. C.  “ sago as a medium for in vitro culture of some common soil bacteria”, Journal of Science, University of Kelaniya,vol 4,11-14.p, 2008.
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  •  Sevvel, P. “Interactions between budding yeast IQGAP homologue Iqglp and its targets revealed by split-EGFP bio molecular fluorescence complementary assay”,32: 1318-1322,  2008.

Year 2005

  • Anandharajan, R.,  Pathmanathan, M. K., Shankernarayanan, N. P. R.,  Vishvakarma, A. and Balakrishnan, A. “Upregulation of Glut-4 and PPARg  by  an Isoflavone from Pterocarpus marsupium on L6 myotubes: a possible mechanism of action”, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Vol. 97, pp253-260, 2005.